Enerji Barre


Come party with us! Enerji Barre is a high-energy cardio workout. We do ballet inspired leg-toning work on the barre, pilates style core work on the mats, and upper body toning using light hand weights. This class is guaranteed to make you sweat and have a blast while you’re doing it.


The Class

  • Cardio-pumping ballet barre exercises
  • Upper-body and arm toning using our small hand weights
  • Ab and core toning exercises on the mats


  • Burn fat with our high-energy format
  • Develop toned and lean legs
  • Strengthen and tighten your core and arms with our unique exercises

Bring to class

  • Yoga mat, water, towel, Toesox
  • We provide complimentary mats, towels, and water for our new clients. Toesox are optional for your first visit.


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